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  • December 30, 2014
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As most horse clubs probably know, often sponsorships can make or break an equine event. Horse-A-Rama (the event) is no different, especially since we’ve done everything possible to keep our event affordable and family friendly.

We’ve developed new sponsorship packages this year, and we hope you’ll visit our Sponsorship page to check them out. Don’t wait – now is the perfect time to get in that last-minute charitable contribution! Or, get a jumpstart for next year’s taxes.

Each level is also an opportunity to promote your business while you help us finance our event, but if you prefer anonymous donations, we’re also happy to keep your information private. Perhaps you’ve lost a beloved partner – human, equine, or other pet – and would like to memorialize them on our “Friend of Horse-A-Rama” plaque.

Obviously there are many ways and reasons to become a Horse-A-Rama sponsor. We hope you will consider the options and send a gift our way!

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