Where’s the Walters Building?

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  • September 8, 2015
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Not long after our 2015 event, the barn used as the indoor arena – known as the Walters building, or Barn D – was found to have structural issues. Demolition began in June, and several rainy-day horse shows used Barn E/the Lester building for their in-hand classes – Fortunately the weather cleared for riding classes! A tent was erected on the site for the Manitowoc County Fair, with some rearrangement of the usual animal exhibits.

Officials from the Manitowoc County Public Works department, the Manitowoc County Expo, UW-Extension and Horse-A-Rama are currently exploring options for the possible construction of a new multi-purpose agricultural barn on the site. A proposal for this new building was developed, construction bids have been submitted for review, and a decision on whether to proceed will be made in due time.

The entire process is quite interesting, and involves a fair amount of “red tape,” but we are encouraged by the progress that has been made so far. We’ll keep you posted!

Demolition Begins

Demolition Begins


Entire South Roof Taken Off


Completely Down & Cleaning Up


Big Tent for Fair!



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