Up In The Air!

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  • January 17, 2016
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Wow! What a roller-coaster year the Horse-A-Rama board has had:

  • While our 2015 horse fair was a success, the profit – which we have been saving toward our own indoor riding arena – wasn’t huge. It would take quite a few more years to acquire the funds needed to begin construction. (Remember, that money was also still used for maintenance of what we have, and to put on the annual event!)
  • Barn D, which had been used as the indoor riding & exhibition building for the Horse-A-Rama horse fair, was found to have structural issues and demolished.
  • Horse-A-Rama Inc and the Manitowoc County Expo found this to be an excellent opportunity to partner in replacing the barn with a multi-purpose agricultural barn, designed to better serve the equine and other purposes of the previous barn.
  • Plans were drawn, bids were solicited, accepted, evaluated, and finally a builder was chosen.
  • Fundraising efforts began with a grant proposal to a local charitable foundation, with the assurance that the Expo grounds were not for sale, and not moving any time soon.  Further fundraising efforts were put on hold until the grant was awarded, or not.
  • News broke of an offer to purchase PART of the Expo grounds; the equine facilities and proposed new barn site are not affected.  Discussion continues at the county level as to whether or not to accept the offer.

So where does all that leave us now? As the title of this post indicates – with a great deal of uncertainty!  The plans are set and the new barn WILL be built, that much we know. But will the Expo need Horse-A-Rama’s funds for the new barn, or will they use the proceeds of the sale – IF it indeed goes through? Would our funds be better spent on the new barn that we have already put a great deal of work into, or on other projects for the equine facilities?  If the sale does NOT go through, when will we know so that we can begin the additional fundraising that will be required for the new barn? How will all this affect when the new barn is constructed?

For 2016, Horse-A-Rama Inc. will continue with the current plans to hold smaller fundraising events, beginning with the Tack Swap on March 19th, and No Silver-No Sequins Horse Show on May 7th.  See our “Fundraising Events” page for more details.

We are proud of our history and past accomplishments, and committed to continuing our mission statement:

  • To create and improve the horse show facilities on the grounds of Manitowoc County Expo Inc.
  • To promote the safety of horse owners & exhibitors using the equine facilities
  • To generate interest in and educate the public about horses and the equine industry

And we will continue to keep you updated on our definite progress until everything up in the air falls into place!

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