Following are some of the major investments made in the equine facilities at the Manitowoc County Expo grounds so far:

1988-89Image of Arena Rail

140 ft. culvert installed (Sec. A); 6 ft. fill to raise ring surface; Grading to level the area and slope it for drainage; Sandfill for footing in ring; Gates; Fencing of 6 x 6 treated posts and 2 x 6 treated rails; Digging post holes; The show ring of 140’ x 250’ was constructed with volunteers from the horse organizations involved in Horse-A-Rama


Installed drain near barns; Built show office/announcer stand; Ran electricity; Graveled area; Improved footing in old horse barns

1990-91Image of Announcer Stand

Purchased landscape rake; Installed culverts (Sec. B); Sawdust and sand for ring footing; Limestone for bleacher base and around office; Installed counters in office; 2 sets of bleachers; Upgrade barn lighting in old horse barns; Painted buildings


Installed culverts (Sec. C); Purchased 20 used stall doors and tracks


Prepared footing for new barn


Constructed new 60’ x 100’ horse barn; Limestone & gravel fill; Mercury Lights


Purchased lumber and supplies for 20 wood stalls; Volunteers constructed wood stalls on outer walls of new barn; Installed electricity in new barn


Purchased and installed portable horse stalls in new barn; Installed gutters, downspouts and soffits on all horse barns; Covered show office soffits and eves with aluminum; Installed vent fans in new barn


Saved for bleachers; Limestone screenings


Purchased 3 sets aluminum bleachers; Installed barn signs; Gravel & Sand & Sawdustimage635


Installed electrical outlets in Barn C, larger breaker box; Added aluminum cladding on office door frames; Repaired hail damage to soffits on horse barns


Installed sleeves to remove fence in Lester’s building for county fair; Purchase of sleeves


Saved for new barn; Sand fill


Saved for new barn


Constructed warm-up; Rebuilt road between the show ring and warm-up ring site; Installed new double gates on present show ring; Painted interiors of Barns A & B; Purchased new barn signage for all 3 horse barns; Added light poles to north end of show ring


Expanded show office/food stand/storage building; Completed warm-up ring; Buried wiring underground and upgraded electricity; Purchased additional sleeves for cattle barn; Cement sidewalk around front of show office building; Installed flooring in announcer standimage632


Installed gates on warm-up ring; Purchased new PA system; Buried wire under road to two mercury vapor lights on north end of show ring


Purchased ring grooming rake; Installed air conditioner in show office; Installed a new P.A. system and speakers; Purchased water tank and trailer; Added sand to ring


Saved for new barn; Purchased heavy plastic strips to block cold over doorway during event; Purchased back-up PA unit; Purchased a used refrigerator for kitchen area; Sand & Sawdust for ring


Saved for new barn; Added additional outdoor speakers and second microphone


Saved for new barn; Limestone; Sawdust


Saved for new barn; Installed screens on show office windows; New door locks; Fire hose to water ring; Floor mats; Sand for show ring


Saving for new barn; Purchased 16 portable horse stalls; Updated PA System; Sand for barn floors and show ring; Limestone for stall floors; Repairs to portable stalls


Blacktop bleacher area; Erect storage building for show & clean-up equipment


Site maps for location of new barn


Bring aluminum bleachers up to code; Bulletin Boards in show office; Self-contained sink in food stand; 4’ walk-thru gate on show ring;  10’ entry/exit gate on show ring; Cement 20 stall floors in Barn C


Contributed $105,000.00 toward 80′ x 200′ multi-purpose barn at Expo; signage for new barn; sealant on interior walls

TOTAL INVESTMENTS   $ 307,706.75 


Submitted   12/30/2016

Bruce Kornely, Treasurer

Horse-A-Rama, Inc

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