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Peggy 150x150Teaching “feel” is the gift that PEGGY CUMMINGS shares with riders worldwide.

Peggy’s heartfelt belief is that any rider can learn the magic of being ‘in sync’ by allowing more freedom of movement and reciprocity through an elastic connection with their horse.

Peggy has mentored with a remarkable list of masters:  Sally Swift of Center Riding®,  Linda Tellington-Jones, creator of the Tellington Touch Equine Awareness Method, the Alexander® and Feldenkrais® methods, each adding many layers of understanding for biomechanics.  For over 40 years, Peggy has been helping horses and riders release their bracing patterns and learn easier, more fluid ways to work together in mutual harmony.

Peggy Cummings is a transformer – a conductor of information that changes how people ride, feel in their bodies and perceive their horses and life in general.  She promotes freedom of movement and reciprocity through elastic connection between horse and rider, and that creates the magic of being ‘in sync.’  Peggy is a dynamic, gifted teacher who has a profound effect on the lives of others, and thru Connected Riding® truly teaches horse and rider how to move together as one.

Tracy 150x150


True Partnership. Teaching Ordinary People How To Do ExtraOrdinary Things With Their Horses!

Tracy Porter brings fun, common sense and a sense of humor to foundation training.  A good teacher knows the student needs to understand “why” as much as “how” in order to truly comprehend. The result is successful & versatile students in all breeds and riding disciplines.  By keeping the Big “H” in Horse: heart, humbleness and hope, she’s found the joy of horse ownership is the journey & not blue ribbon. Honest and sincere in her desire to help others and a love of training with dressage principles. It’s not unusual to find Tracy and her horses involved in many equine disciplines proving that the only limits we have are those that we’ve placed on ourselves and age means absolutely nothing!

Andy Halbach 150x150

Horse and Buggy Days Revisited – Learn how to turn that wonderful pony that your kids have outgrown into a lovely driving horse for mom and grandmom. ANDY HALBACH and company simplify the intracacies of harness and cart and demonstrate how a horse destined for the kill market has become an ambassador for carriage driving pleasure.


Charlee Wilson 150x150CHARLEE WILSON – Use Equestrian Pilates® to be a better rider
Charlee is the founder of PRIMO EQUUS: Building The Elite Equestrian. Charlee combines Equestrian Pilates®, rider meditation, positive affirmations, biomechanics of the rider, and anatomical correctness. Her practices bring awareness to often forgotten parts of riding in daily practices that result in horse and rider setbacks. Positivity, personalization, and performance are cornerstones in Charlee’s program, creating an environment for growth and goals! Charlee is a certified Equestrian Pilates® Trainer, she is the youngest of 8 instructors in the United States and the only certified trainer in the Midwest.


Dr.Matt 150x150DR MATT SCHAEFER – Dairyland Veterinary Services equine specialist
Dr. Matt Schaefer is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Schaefer is involved in all aspects of large animal veterinary medicine but has special interests in equine preventative medicine, nutrition, and equine dentistry. He is a member of the International Association of Equine Dentistry and travels all over Northeast Wisconsin providing specialized dental maintenance of competitive and pleasure horses.


2015 Keith_KesickKEITH KESICK, Personal safety specialist
Keith Kesick has been a full time farrier since 1996, and owns the Magokoro Martial Arts training center in Plymouth, Wisconsin. He has developed and taught Self Safety classes for the “Anti-Bully,” “Anti-Abduction,” and “Cure Unwanted Contact” programs, and decided there was a need for a special Self Safety class for equestrians. This includes teaching how to recognize and avoid situations that could turn bad, and also how to maintain control if ever physically grabbed.

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