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In 1998, we purchased a weanling colt for our eight year old daughter. We had no idea what was in store for us! Did I mention that we had NO horse experience whatsoever?!? We were blessed with a gentle, big-hearted, patient horse, and while we learned a great deal through 4-H, local horse groups, and our national breed association, we sometimes wonder if we could have done better if we used a different vet, another trainer, had taken more lessons. Other than word of mouth, we had no one source to look for that information.

Flash forward to the present: Horse-A-Rama has been increasing its efforts to reach out to the general community, to encourage more people to participate in the equine world. We have often heard from parents with horse-crazy kids, asking where to get lessons or go on a trail ride. We know there are people looking for a new farrier, a different vet, or a carriage ride for their wedding. That’s why we’re creating Sparky’s List, dedicated to that colt who taught us so much.

First of all, we need to gather names and contact information. Do you provide a service to equines or their owners? Do you sell products they may be interested in? Are you a horse club looking for new members? Maybe you own a show facility where spectators can watch a competition? For the low price of $10 per year, your contact information can be included on Sparky’s List. For $25 per year, we will feature your “business card” ad.

Once we have a good list gathered, our vision is also to include reviews from customers, much like another famous service list. A few names and phone numbers are a good start, but many people find it helpful to choose based on a 3-star vs a 5-star rating. Or, an equine service provider may try a little harder if they find their customers aren’t rating them as highly as they had hoped!

If you are interested in becoming part of Sparky’s List, please complete the form and mail with your check and business card (if applicable). If you know someone who might be interested in becoming part of Sparky’s List, please pass this information along to them. We look forward to partnering in your success!

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